over-worked CalendarDesign



Deciding on a word calendar template.

Change the font and table settings in word.

Export it as a pdf file from word and then import it into Photoshop and re-align the calendar template in Photoshop.

Chosing a theme for the calendar in my case city skylines.

Searching for images under the creative license from the internet.

127975-FTM-0484 Skyline_Frankfurt_am_Main gun_batimi___silhouette_by_erenaytac-d4ubqir

– New York
– Frankfurt am Main
– Istanbul

design them in Photoshop


Final result

calendar-january_2013 calendar-february_2013 calendar-march_2013


Storyboarding by KIM

Really cool style for a storyboard. All the pictures are basically hand drawn and supported by digital elements like the arrows or boxes to emphasize the camera movement or zooming. Especially I like the overall view to see the storyboard as one piece without looking at each and every different visual in it. The composition and arrangement is very well done in my opinion. It seems like a whole system rather than just seven different pictures put together everything is connected as it should be. By saying that I not just only mean the shown action in the scenes, I also mean the individual visuals working together as one.

recycled design

On this picture you can see a lamp with its shape basically designed out of volvic bottles. The designer is using an existing thing (the volvic bottles) and turns them into something else. In doing so he has in my opinion created an interesting visual which form a farer distance you could not immediately tell that he is using “just” volvic bottles for its outer shape.

sleeping in a BOX

Foyer of the hotel clear design

“The sleeping pod designed with soft curves to promote comfort and good sleep.”

main floor of the hotel with it different “rooms”

Fast hoteling in the 21th century

It’s a different style of hotel coming from japan where you can check in at any time of the day.  9 hours of use is recommended, minimum and maximum hours of use are 4 hours and 17hours respectively.

It’s a cheap and easy way to find a place to sleep especially for traveling people. This “cabin-hotels” are becoming more and more famous all over the world. This hotel shown here is located and Kyoto, japan.

Creative Business Card Design

I like the idea for this business card. In order to get the information you have to rip out this little strap. The written text is german it says young box and the smaller text on the strap means small ripper. The combination of the silver/white color with black text and pink background is in my opinion a good choice to emphasize the fact that you have to rip out the strap. In Addition it underlines the important information once you made them visible.

Business Card Pocket

While designing the business card I found this business card pocket. I think it is a nice Idea to give your business card a unique touch. While the hair color is depending on the color of your business card you also could imagine some other motives. Rather than just giving information about the gender, you could use the same way to provide more detailed information such as your phone number or your E-Mail address. Anyway nice Idea in my opinion and well done.


This piece of artwork is cut into a wooden surface. It is actually a digital work. The complete design process is done digitally with the help of the computer. But then this digital data has been transformed into a real life object using a laser cutter. So if you see it in real life you get a completely different experience then you would get if you simply print this image on a paper or poster.